Moving Update

Moving Update:  I’d planned to post Monday about the fact that I’d officially moved, but when you hear about my week I think you’ll understand why I’ve waited till now.  To all you more experienced movers: feel free to be smug and superior because my first mistake was the belief there could be such a thing as a smooth move.  I wouldn’t say Murphy came along, but his cousin Peter (Peter’s law concerns massive inconvenience and screwing yourself over) definitely stopped by.

Sunday:  Despite the fact that I KNOW moving day is tomorrow, I barely pack up anything and futz around nearly all day.  Being productive means going out to Tampa Upcycle to give them my flower samples for the class so they can make a flyer to post.  Pick up some boxes at 6:30pm to actually pack stuff and do a load of laundry or two.  No, I do not pack it.  I don’t even fold it.

Pictured: Me, but cuter

Pictured: Me, but cuter

Monday: I’m supposed to wake up early to call TECO and make sure my account is set up properly so I have power when I move.  Since I don’t call when they first open (i.e. don’t get out of bed until an hour after I’m supposed to) I’m stuck on hold for over half an hour because their automated system can’t find my account.  I actually use this time wisely to fold and pack up my clothes.  I also let the air out of the mattress I’ve been sleeping on so I can pack it too.  I realize that I don’t have the money order for my first month’s rent and like hell I’m getting it from Chase (the douche-nozzles charge even their customers with bank accounts for money orders), but I still have to get the money from them.  After talking to TECO (finally! you know for the ONLY electric provider in Tampa they have shit customer service), I call the complex to confirm I have power (a requirement for moving in) and am promptly told the WRONG amount to make the money order out for (since it’s not the first day of the month I have prorated rent, but they forget to add in Monday).
I run to the bank and get the money, luckily I decide to wait and use the Amscot near the complex for the money order instead of the one down the street, but stop to satisfy a craving for chicken-minis while passing the Chik-Fil-A.  I remember I forgot to fill out my timecard at work and if I want to be paid I need to do that today.  I stop at work to fill out time card.  At this point I realize I have less than an hour before noon and I set up an appointment with Bright House to change my internet and phone over to my new place between 12 and 2.  I rush back, intending to throw things in my car and head over to the apartment so I can bribe the cable guy to stick around while I do paperwork when I get a call; it’s 11:40 and my cable guy is waiting outside so why aren’t I there.  The guy tries to close out my ticket for not being there, but I call and admit I’m running late, but they’re early  and tell them I’ll be there by 12:30 (lies, it’s actually about 12:40 by the time I get there) and they say they’ll send him back out.  Just after that the complex calls me to let me know they were wrong about the amount they quoted me because they forgot to count the day I move in. 9_9
I finally head out to the apartment (stopping to get the right amount on the money order), do my walk-through, check just about everything in the apartment, and sign my lease.  I officially move in (drag the boxes I have in my car inside) just in time for the cable company to call and tell me the installer will be there soon (Thinking I missed him I’m on hold with Bright House to make another appointment when they call).  I have the cable guy at my apartment by 2pm and he starts what should be a routine hook-up of 15-20 minutes and ends up taking over an hour because it turns out my ground cable outside is bad and he has to put in a temporary one to be properly replaced later (luckily I don’t have to be there for that).
Now, I’m moving by myself with just a Honda Civic, so I’m going by car loads.  I plan to move two car loads the first day and clean up the apartment a bit.  It’s already mid/late afternoon by the time the cable guy is done and I go get my second car load.  I also don’t have a vacuum (last place had no carpet) and some other pretty crucial cleaning supplies so I stop to get those.
Finally back at my place for the night I haul the stuff out of my car and set about cleaning up at least the bedroom and bathroom (they’re pretty clean, I’m just paranoid).  I go to put the vacuum together and… I don’t have my tools with me and need a screwdriver.  I say screw going out again and accept that cleaning’s not really going to happen tonight (and the bathroom actually doesn’t need anything more than a quick wipe-down to deal with some paint dust/residual industrial cleaner) and go to take a shower because I’m sweaty and want to relax.  Remember how I checked almost everything?  I turn on my faucet and pull up the tab to start the shower and all the water promptly starts pouring out of the center knob (I have a three shower knobs: hot is left, cold is right, and apparently superfluous water waster is center) and the shower emits only the most anemic of trickles.  I would plug the tub and take a bath, except my bath doesn’t have a plug installed and I don’t have a stopper.  I wash up crouched in my tub by the faucet because fuck it and go to bed.
Tuesday morning I report the busted shower and they fill out the work order and I go to work, but it’s my night shift so I don’t get out until after 9pm.  I still stop by my old place to get another load of stuff to take to my new apartment.  In general Tuesday’s quiet save that I find out that Shiny Toy Guns is playing in St. Petersburg Wednesday on their first tour in about four years.  I waffle a bit because I know I should be responsible and keep moving things, but SHINY TOY GUNS!!!!!!!!!!
I go to the concert:

I was almost tempted to make this a selfie, but came to my senses.

I was almost tempted to make this a selfie, but came to my senses.

The opening act, she was really solid.

The opening act, she was really solid.

The halo effect is accurate.  Definitely rapture.

The halo effect is accurate. Definitely rapture.

It's the dudes!

It’s the dudes!

Took me forever to actually catch a shot of the whole band.  They move a lot.

It is awesome; no regrets even though I don’t even stop off to get another carload from my old place.Thursday I have special training at work for a new job duty so I’m supposed to be up extra early to pick up a coworker to drive us both over.   I oversleep by a lot and wake up when I’m supposed to be leaving, but I still get us to training on time. It’s rainy and miserable all day and I realize that I forgot to bring an extra box with me for packing that afternoon, which is frustrating, but I can work around it.  I focus on getting smaller pieces of furniture and things that come in bags over.

Friday is generally a disaster.  At some point I lose my car key (lucky I have a spare) and when I leave I realize I forgot the stack of newspapers I need to pack up my glassware and my phone at work, the boxes I was supposed to grab that morning at home, to post the mini-fridge and rug I need to get rid of on craigslist and I’m supposed to be out on the 9th.  The few things I can grab I do and head home.

Saturday isn’t any better; I forget everything all over again so I don’t even bother stopping to pack anything which means I’m left with just Sunday.  Also my internet goes down sometime Friday night/Saturday morning while I’m asleep and I call to report it, but they won’t have a tech out until Monday night.
Sunday: I’m actually up in the morning to start my day, but kind of take my time about it.  It’s about noon when I arrive at the old place with newspapers for my glass, but no tools to break down my shelves/DVD rack because I, say it with me now, forgot them at home (If you haven’t picked up the trend I can be remarkably absent minded, I really should just get into . A friend of my ex (we’re on good terms) is supposed to help me move the larger stuff today like my shelves, DVD rack, and massive box of books and if I’m lucky the mini-fridge and rug, because I have a tiny Civic and skinny arms and he has an SUV and big muscles.  I call and leave a message for him to call back when convenient and start packing up my kitchen.  I run out of things to do and actually need one more box so I hike it out to Brandon to visit my old place of work, because it’s retail and that usually means boxes.  I also kind of chose to head out that way to visit the Animal shelter and see the kitties they have for adoption.  I stop at the shelter first since it’s closer and head in.  There are lots of kitties, but I’ll totally admit I’m looking for a little baby kitten and most of the cats are a good bit older.  There is one kitten I totally fall in love with, very sweet and a pretty dark brown/red color that was almost black; when I ask after it though it’s already spoken for. T_T  Now there is another really sweet kitten that I do like, but I tend to get attached quickly so I don’t immediately ask about the second and leave to run errands like getting the boxes I need while I get over the first kitten.  I stop by again to ask about the second, but by then she was adopted too. TToTT
A bit heartbroken I head back to my new apartment to pick up tools and get a call on the way back from my ex’s friend.  He is coming back and he will be available, but his wife is the one with the SUV and she’s at a relative’s place so he only has his car that’s smaller than mine, but he’s more than willing to help as much as he can.  I really appreciate the offer and let him know that if I need any lifting help I’ll call, but I already know that I can move what I need outside of one or two things so decide not to make him go out of his way.  I pick up the tools I need and head back to the old place to tear down my shelves, two full units and a DVD rack.  I break them down for transport and manage to fit all three shelves, several bags, AND a large box in my car to take back in my little Honda Civic.

Pictured: Packing win!

Pictured: Packing win!

I felt like a Tetris Master. XD
After that I go home, unpack my car and some boxes, order a pizza for dinner because my kitchen’s still a wreck and call it a night.
I got a bit lucky in that it turns out the place isn’t being cleaned until next Monday so I have time to do a final sweep and maybe sell the rug and mini-fridge so I don’t have to lug them to Good Will.  I also have an update on my internet: it’s back up and it was down because someone cut my cable.  They didn’t try to splice it, they just cut it for some weird reason.  Also I took a quick video tour of when I moved in if you want to check that out.

I know this was a long post and I hope it was entertaining enough to stick around till the end.  Since Friday is 3.14 I’m going to try my hand at some Pi-tzels.  Look forward to that post as well as my inevitable kitten posts and my actual Upcycle class dates.  I’m shooting for the weekend of the 20th, I just need to verify with the staff.


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