Moving and other adult things

As the title suggests I’ll be moving soon.  The apartment I liked approved me, I put down a deposit, they readied the space, and I will officially have an apartment on March 3 after a walk-through and lease signing.  It’s happening fast enough to make me panic slightly.  I had a mild freak-out in my kitchen tonight where I stood in one place and flailed like a spastic penguin for a bit.

Pictured me, but more cute.

Pictured me, but more cute.


But I called Bright House to move my internet on Monday so I’ve committed, because I’m just not going to live in a house without wifi. XD

On a 30before30 update, the crochet class was shifted to April because of my personal misplacement, but it’s still totally going to happen.  I haven’t picked out a strawberry farm to pick at yet, but I’m going to do that before March is out most definitely and film the hilarity that is me making jam for the first time.  It will be crappy because I only have an iphone, so bear with me please.  If I come up with something better I’ll let you all know.  I really need to see a dermatologist about a mole I want removed and then I’ll look into getting my tattoos, likely using my tax return to cover the cost (I thought it was responsible of me. XD).  I looked into Bungee Jumping and it looks like the closest place that does it is in Destin, FL, which means I’ll probably have to build it into my road trip, though I don’t really mind that.  I also need to get on picking my meteor shower as well.  I’m hoping I can take some days off so I can camp out to watch shower, but we’ll see.  ^^  I also need to see what Craft fairs are available in my area.  So much to doooo….. *flails like spastic penguin* Here’s hoping you enjoy going on this crazy ride with me.

I’ll definitely be posting lots of pics of my new place as well. ^^  I’ve gotten a few more projects up over at Otakraft if you’re curious.


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