Well, this month is going quickly…

*pokes at the blog*

Ok, so clearly I’m not feeding and watering it enough, because it’s just not growing. I should also probably make sure it gets some proper exposure.

I had thought I would post again before now, but honestly I haven’t had that much interesting stuff happen to bother posting.  At this point I do have a few developments worth noting.

1) I’m being evicted.

It was something I knew was coming, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise.  My current digs are a condo owned by a friend that was letting me take up space for a small fee while he found a buyer.  I generally took care of the place, off set some costs, and ran a few errands for him.  As I definitely don’t make enough money to afford a condo on my own (I work in public service) I knew I’d eventually have to find a new place.  That day has come, but luckily I could set out some time specifically to look for a new place, which I did.  At this point I’ve even been approved and I just have to head over to the complex to put down a deposit and set a move in date.  I’m also lucky that it was a choice I made that was decently well-informed and wasn’t the result of totally panicked scrambling.  Some panicking, but not total.

2) I went to the Florida State Fair with my sister.

If you weren’t aware I live in the southerly state of flowers, now you know!  So yes, state fair with my younger sister.  It was quite fun.  We saw, pet, and fed a variety of lovely animals as well as watched a llama agility competition (which is a thing, who knew?).  We ate horrible for you fried food, though no fried oreos or snickers.  I’m Southern, but I care about living past 50.  Also, I milked a cow! XD

As an update to my 30before30 I can say that the crochet class I’m going to be teaching (due to unforeseen, but totally should have seen, need to move quickly) will most likely be in April, though I don’t have dates just yet; just lovely flower samples for the delightful people at Upcycle Trading Company.  Though since I am moving I’ll get to cross another item off THE LIST, adopting a kitten.  I may also begin getting ready for checking off a few more items at this place.  The balcony is nice and large so I think I’ll be able to raise some food plants, maybe even some quail, with some luck and patience. ^^

In other news I have also picked out a company for my hot air balloon ride the aptly named Big Red Balloon Company.  My sister is going to run the 5k with me and I would really like to participate in The Color Run, they hold one in Orlando and one in Clearwater so I feel certain I should be able to make one of them.  Speaking of, training starts tomorrow.  I’m going to start with some Zumba until I get my running shoes again, then I’ll switch off from cardio, weights, and running.  I might even keep you all posted on how out of shape I am.

Oh and those of you with a crafty bent, I’m firing up my craft (mostly a crochet for now) blog again, so keep your eyes open. ^^


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