New Year! Same old me.

Ah, a New Year… well, almost new.  It’s just used enough to start breaking in nicely, not quite comfortably worn, but working in that direction.  I probably should have actually posted January 1 or even the first week of January, but I was too busy procrastinating.  That said this post is still in January so it absolutely counts as a New Year post.  The first part of this post is to assure people I’m still alive.  The second part is to let people know that I have a New Year’s resolution!
Yes, the New Year’s resolution… When we made a laundry list of lies to tell others and ourselves that this year we’re going to be better people.  We’ll start exercising, stop drinking or smoking or picking up shady but undeniably intriguing men at dive bars… Or whatever vice du jour we have.  We’ll be more patient, more loving, more ecologically minded.  We promise to change every aspect of ourselves, ignoring that this is a fundamental impossibility… And I’ve jumped on the band wagon!  Yeah!
Mine isn’t terribly specific, but it is far reaching.  I’ve decided this year to “Do it myself first.” I’ve admired the DIY movement for a while, not just the sustainability of it, but the creativity of it as well.  It’s an ethos I’d really like to develop in my own life and one I’ve decided to focus on this year.  In steps I plan on increasing how much I do for myself from basics like baking my own bread and even growing some of my own food, to more advanced things like building a piece of furniture or making a repair instead of hiring a repairman.  I promise to post pictures of all my spectacular fuck-ups.
My resolution also ties in well to another project I’ve started, my 30 Before 30 List.  I’m not too far off from the big 3-0 and while I don’t necessarily consider it a pinnacle birthday necessarily, it’s a fun project to indulge in.  The full list is going to remain at the top of my page so progress will be pretty obvious.  Each completed project will be accompanied by a corresponding picture or pictures.  I only have until May 24, 2015 to complete everything so I’d better get started!


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