Hello world!

Hey all! It’s Otakraft over from…well, Otakraft! ^^ Since you’ve decided to mosey over this way I can only assume you actually want to know about my life. (o.o)  I honestly can’t imagine why because I’m seriously not that interesting, this aside you’ve shown up so I’ll do my best to entertain.  The in work title for this blog is something like Square peg, round hole: the story of an over-grown girl learning to love her mistakes.  We’ll see where it goes.  I’ve recently had some really positive life updates including the acquisition of a full-time position with the library system I work in!  I’ve been struggling to find decent work (like everyone else I know) for most of my adult life and for the first time I’m actually making steps in a career direction instead of just the job direction.  I’m still holding down a second job at BAM! (what can I say, I like books), though at much diminished hours.

Right now I’m looking into finding a place for myself (possibly with a roommate, again we’ll see where things take me) and I’m fairly confident in how things are going for once.  It’s kind of scary to be honest because now I’m carrying around so many trappings of adulthood and while I’ve done the adult thing for a while it still feels completely surreal.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling.

When I actually have a place picked out I’ll probably take and post some pictures.  I’ll definitely be making wherever I end up a place for me so there will probably be some before and after pics, which is nice.  The process of decorating and stuff will mostly be posted on my other blog so keep an eye on that one as well.

Until next time.


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