Whatever totes your goat

So there’s this thing called the Big Library Read. It’s a global book club run through libraries. Three times a year books are selected that will be available through your library’s e-book services (assuming your library does e-books) as well as links to the forums where the book and various topics surrounding the book can […]


Not quite the middle of the year and I’ve had an absolutely phenomenal showing: I haven’t completed a single monthly goal, my finances are better but not as good as I’d planned, I haven’t been writing/crocheting/posting/etc regularly at all… So I’m currently batting a 1000 in failure. I’m in full on Mayday mode, which is […]

First Line Prompt: Random First Line Generator

As per my posting goals for 2018 I’m going to be getting back into writing. I used to write frequently as a teenager and young adult (like actual young adult, 18-22 range), I really enjoyed it and it was a good coping strategy for my depressive episodes. Outside a binge-writing experience about two years back […]