2017 Goals Knit a pair of socks Cut my debt in half Create a large yarn bombing installation Learn how to do a proper cartwheel Watch a meteor shower Make a Youtube series Learn to sew Design a crochet line Build a piece of furniture/structure Pick strawberries and make preserves Throw a costume party Ride […]

You’ll Never Guess Who was in the Library!

Guys, guys… you aren’t going to believe me when I tell you and no, I didn’t get pics, but I’m hoping she’ll come back… Hold your breath, the library actually got a visit from A TAX PAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG right?! Like, they didn’t show me their property tax bill or anything, but she was definitely a […]

Special Event Post: 2014 Solar Eclipse

Ah, a magical once in a lifetime event*… Guess that means it’s time to be an asshole! – Every library patron yesterday. If you’ve been on social media or even just the internet at all… Hell, if you’ve watched the news at all you must have heard of this strange and completely mysterious event when the […]